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Akashic Record Healing and Attunement for February 

Let’s take a moment to look at the month ahead. We begin the month with a lunar earth holiday of Candlemas or Imbolc. The 11th of February is lunar Imbolc but also a New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year; the metal Ox. We will enter mercury retrograde two days before the first of the month, that will affect the entire month of February. We also have a full moon in Virgo on the 27th.

I have just created an audio recording of an Akashic Record healing and Attunement to help us navigate through the month of February. Wow is all I can say. The Light Beings that are the Priestess, the Chariot and the Priest/Hierophant stepped forward to attune everyone to their energies. (Please see details about these tarot cards below) Beautiful tools were shared to help us navigate the tsunami of healing being shared this coming month. I am so grateful and humbled to be able to hold space for all those who resonate with this work. Blessed Be.

Cost - $55

PS. If money is ever an issue but you still want to receive these Attunements please email me and we will find a way to make it work so that you and I are supported as we consciously co create this new world.

 Imbolc - Candlemas

Coming into right relationship with ourselves, with Mother Earth and all the different aspects of nature is not always an easy task. Acknowledging the cycles of the seasons and the wheel of the year is a fun and powerful way to come into alignment and harmony consciously flowing with the cycles of nature.

We can acknowledge the cycles of nature through ritual and ceremony on Earth holidays. There are four solar holidays; Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox. There are also four lunar holidays in between each of the solar holidays.  

February 1-2 is the first lunar earth holiday of the year that marks the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. This holiday is referred to as Imbolc or Candlemas. This is a time to honour the light and the hope of new life with the coming spring.

Above is a photo of a simple altar I have made to go along with an audio recording of a ceremony where we will work with the Goddess Brigid to awaken and activate the light and flame within our heart and Soul; connecting this awakening sacred flame of enlightenment within our sacred heart, receiving healing and activating our desires and surrendering them to manifestation.

You may wish to print off the photo above to use as your altar, or you may wish to create your own altar - with something to represent the four elements that make up our world and our bodies; earth, air, fire and water and something to represent Spirit/Source/Goddess. You may then follow along to the guided ceremony on the audio recording knowing that you are participating in a community ceremony, connected to myself and all others who will use this ceremony to help honour Mother Earth; consciously connecting ourselves to the earth cycle of the spiral wheel of the year.

When you participate in any ceremony marking the natural cycles you are also connecting to everyone on Earth that are honouring Mother Earth in a similar way. 

Know that when we stand in ceremony we stand outside of time in the perfect now no longer limited by time but connected together by the power of that sacred space of ceremony. It is through ceremony that we heal ourselves and our planet and the generations to come. It is through ceremony that we reclaim what has been lost and reclaim the Divine Feminine so that humanity can heal their relationship to Mother Earth. 

You may do this ceremony once on the 1st or 2nd of February or anytime between now and the 11th of February which is lunar Imbolc (new moon) and as many times as you wish to help you feel connected and supported by our spiritual community and by entering into right relationship with ourselves and our Great Mother Earth. 

Cost - $33

 The Tarot and Numerology - II The Priestess

The month of February (the second month - 2) in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is the Priestess. As you can see every February we will come back full circle in the spiral of the wheel of the year connecting and having the opportunity to learn more from the energy that is the Priestess. 

The lessons from the Major Arcana are universal energies that we do not have a lot of free will choice about other than surrendering to the energy with an open mind and heart, ready to learn the lessons and receive the healing that this energy is bringing to us.

The Priestess is our intuition and inner vision. Our psychic abilities, our ability to see into the past, present and future and divine the path forward. I personally only recently understand this card in a much deeper way. I did not come to this deeper understanding by studying the tarot but by being in harmony with my intuition and allowing my Soul to guide me in my spiritual learning.

The importance of dreams and dreaming and what the ancient messages about dreaming our world into being has been a message that has fully relieved its truth and practice to me over the past month when we were in the universal energy of the magician card in the tarot; the conscious understanding that we are responsible for what we create and that we do co create our reality through the collective unconscious - which explains a lot when you look at our world.

Our thoughts on their own do not create our reality. Our reality is dreamed into being through our unconscious and subconscious beliefs that we have inherited from our ancestors and from the briefs our Soul holds onto from our past life experiences and from our personal experiences we have had in our childhood. These unconscious and subconscious beliefs are what drive our dream state when we are daydreaming and when we are dreaming while we are asleep. It is those dreams that create our reality.

So if we want to become conscious co creators we need to awaken to who we are as a collection of these beliefs. We can only do this through awakening our intuitive gifts and allow the Priestess to guide us as we awaken to our truth. As it’s only through our intuitive abilities that we can access the Dreamtime in a conscious way. 

We need to consciously connect to this universal energy that is always available to us in the vibration held in February of every year and surrender to the wisdom held within this vibration and archetype to consciously walk this awakening path and journey as each Soul has a unique story to tell through the eyes of the Priestess. Then you will be able to step into the collective dreaming mind and sit with the elders and the ancestors and dream a much more enjoyable dream that will be our global human lives on Mother Earth. 

It is important to note that we are in a mercury retrograde cycle for the entire month of February accounting for the week long storm from the 20-27th as mercury stations direct and begins to move forward again. So this year’s February Priestess vibration is not like all February’s as we don’t always have a mercury retrograde lined up so perfectly for the full month exactly timing as we enter the month and usher February into March and every mercury retrograde affects us in different ways. 

This retrograde actually deepens our inner work as it redirects our outward focus on communication and asks that we direct that inner communication within ourselves and we do this through our inner vision and intuition. So consciously ask mercury to help assist you in fully embracing your inner Priestess. 

Bringing our awareness of the Priestess that we have just discussed and adding the information that the Chariot card will bring as we combine the two energies together - the energy of the month combined with the energy of the year. So the Priestess and the Chariot can work together to carry us through February.

Mercury goes Retrograde January 30 -

February 20, 2021

This week is a powerful catapult into our deep inner healing with our first Full Moon of 2021, and our first Mercury Retrograde of 2021. I was guided to do this after my morning of struggling with my printer that seems to be possessed for no reason! So I created this for you but also for me. 

I have created an audio recording that is an Akashic Record reading and Attunement for the mercury retrograde period that we are already in. You can listen to this recording to receive attunement, alignment and healing as often as you are guided to, but particularly if you are finding this period challenging and stressful.

This attunement contains guidance from Archangel Uriel, the element of water, Gem and Metallic Rays of consciousness and healing.

It was my intention when opening the Record that all those who resonate with this attunement receive exactly what they personally need above and beyond what is shared verbally. 

Cost - $55

(the vibration of 5 brings us powerful healing change; helps support us in making that changes we need in order to heal and grow with joy and love)

The Tarot and Numerology - VII The Chariot

When you add the numbers for the month February (the second month - 2) with the year 2021: 2+2+0+2+1=7, the answer is 7. When we look to the Major Arcana of the Tarot this month is the Chariot. 

The lessons of the chariot card are about movement forward. Traditionally The chariot is drawn by two horses; one white and the other black. In the Mystic Faerie Tarot (which is the deck these cards are from) the chariot is drawn by two griffins. Each horse/griffin represent a duality or polar opposite. In order to have the chariot drive forward you have to harness these two opposite energies or situations, to work together towards a common goal; which is not an easy task. This card is asking you to open your mind to the possibility that two opposite things are both true rather than either or. It is also about things you thought impossible that with a bit of effort can be possible. 

It is through the help of the Priestess (your intuition) that you will come to understand how to hold two opposing situations, have them work together in harmony, that you will find your path moving forward. 

The chariot is the way forward on your spiritual path. It is a card of transformation. This energy is not about movement forward in other areas of your external life but movement forward deeper into the understanding of who you are as a spiritual being and why you are here on the planet right now.

This understanding is supported by the archetype of our year which leads us directly into the supportive energy of the Priest or Hierophant, our teachers both inner teachers as well as how we learn in our external world. 

If you are interested in learning how to consciously work with your dreams and the Dreamtime. Below are some books and authors that I highly recommend.

Author - Sergio Magana


1. 2012-2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun

2. The Tolect Secret

3. Caves of Power

4. The Real Toltec Prophecies 

Aurhor - Robert Moss


1. Active Dreaming

2. Dreaming the Soul back Home 

There are other authors with books about lucid dreaming however the ones I have shared are the ones I have some experience with and they teach how to work with your dreams to affect healing in your life.

The Tarot and Numerology - V The Priest or Hierophant

When you add up the numbers of the year 2021: (2+0+2+1=5) the answer is 5. When we look to the Major Arcana of the Tarot this entire year is The Priest or Hierophant. 

The lessons of the Hierophant are about the archetype of the Teacher. The Priestess is the teacher of the intuitive arts of the divine feminine. The Priest or Hierophant can represent learning and teachers from the divine masculine. 

This card is not just the vibration of any teacher, but the spiritual master. So when you look at it like that, this whole year is about our spiritual mastery. This might present as past life or other dimensional aspects of self coming forward for you to integrate and reclaim levels of mastery that you achieved in other life states. But it most certainly tells us that this year is a huge opportunity if we answer the call, to step into our highest spiritual transformation. 

So let’s step back just a moment and put together all the information that has been shared about the universal vibration of the month of February (The Priestess) combined with the vibration of the month and year (The Chariot) and the year by itself (The Priest or Hierophant) we can see that February is a powerful month of spiritual transformation and awakening if we allow ourselves to be awake and aware of how Great Spirit is communicating with us through our psychic abilities to help us embrace our mastery so that we can consciously co create a better more joyful world for ourselves and the next generations to come.