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Distance Learning School of Healing, Magic and Mystery

Our lives are the vehicle taking us to our life mission and purpose. When we are able to see this and understand it we can see the blessings and gifts that every situation shares with us on the road to sharing our mission and purpose with others. 

With Covid and my own personal circumstances, I could choose to look at these situations as terrible or even blocks that need to be released or overcome. When in fact they are not to be rejected, but accepted. Once I truly accepted these were here to stay and I stopped fighting them and I immediately saw the solution. Allowing the current circumstances to carry me to my purpose. 

That purpose is this distance learning school. Through this school I can make all that has been gifted to me in the past and the gifts that continue to be shared with me, and most importantly the new tools that are flooding in, in response to our new energetic needs, making these accessible for anyone who needs these teachings and gifts. 

All of the courses will be in PDF and MP3 format that you can download and keep forever. Additional mentorship sessions can be booked with me over zoom if you feel you need additional support. 

The purpose of each course will be to give you the new energy healing techniques and frequencies to help you heal old trauma and reclaim your power and sovereignty.

I feel that the mission statement of this New Age that we are now anchored in, is to become conscious of what always ran in our subconscious or as unconscious patterns and programs. It is also a process of healing, remembering and reclaiming our true divine nature and marry that to our 3D and very human experience. It is fully accepting and honouring our human physical nature rather than rejecting and dismissing our human nature as less than a higher spiritual purpose. 

In fully stepping into what I have shared above we become 100% accountable for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Weaving all of these inseparable aspects of ourselves together with unconditional love and acceptance. 

This mission statement of this New Age is also the mission statement of this distance learning school. I wish to help each of you connect to the frequencies and techniques that you need on your personal healing journey. 

Courses that are Ready and New Courses Coming Soon 

It is my hope that once enough people have done the Angels of the Chakras course we will do many little zoom group meditations as the Angels guide. This course is already beginning to expand and evolve, which is the normal process of anchoring new healing frequencies. There will be mini events and additional resources that will be shared as the course gets anchored deeper. 

Know that by receiving the attunements and healing from the angels of the chakras you are participating and assisting in reclaiming this healing for the earth and for the collective of humanity’s healing. So look for emails in the coming months offering live group meditations, channelings and other resources from the Angels of the Chakras. 

The following courses are ready when you are:

Energy Hygiene - $11 no prerequisite

This course consists of a course outline in PDF format, along with a lecture (MP3) and three MP3’s that are guided meditations. The first recording is a very basic and quick morning practice that teaches how to instruct your energy to create healthy energetic boundaries. There is also a deeper chakra and karmic healing and clearing meditation, along with a process for clearing limiting belief systems. This is the first step in reclaiming your sovereignty. 

The Angels of the Chakras - Healing your Energy Anatomy - $344.

(Energy Hygiene recommended but not required. This course is a prerequisite for many of the new courses coming soon.)

The course has never been taught before. These are brand new groups of Angels and brand new attunements. This course is for beginners but also for advanced healers. This course is a powerful way to go back to the basics keeping things straight forward, making healing less complicated than we sometimes make it. 

These new groups of Angels have stepped forward now that we are in this new age to help us create powerful partnerships with the divine so that we can begin to consciously co-create a sustainable future. 

This new course and these new attunements are the beginning of the new tools we need to help us surf through this new map and new reality.