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Channeled Messages

Channeled Messages

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New Service - Lomilomi ili' ili'

Posted by healingessentials on May 14, 2018 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (1494)

Hello everyone,


Pele has been very active recently through her volcano Kilauea. Pele is a goddess of reclaiming, rebirthing and renewal. She is not a goddess of destruction. She just reclaims and resets the clock so you can start over. Through her continued activity, she is trying to get humanities attention, she is trying to help us all transform our lives, reset and start over.


I have been a practitioner of Hawaiian Lomilomi for ten years. I took my training on the island of Oahu in April of 2008. Since this training I have offered two Lomilomi services; 1.5hrs full body aloha massage with hot stones (bones of Pele), or just an hour without the stones.


I have always wanted to offer an hour lomilomi ili'ili' or hot stone massage. The hot stones are made of basalt or lava rocks and we refer to them as the bones of Pele. Through Pele's bones we are able to energetically "wash" your bones, clearing the deep inherited genetic karma held in the bone marrow, this is referred to as bone washing. It sounds intense but Lomilomi is always loving, it is defined as transferring love, light and aloha into the soft tissues of the body. Through energetic connection with Aine (the goddess who is all the islands of Hawaii, the Great Mother) and connection with Pele through the hot stones, we are able to transform blocks in the body as we hold that transformational healing energy of fire. However for some reason this never felt quite right, so it never came to be.


I see now that it was just not time. I am guided now to offer a new Hawaiian Lomilomi service - Lomilomi ili' ili'. This is a 1 hour full body lomilomi only using the hot stones or bones of Pele. Cost is $160.


It is sometimes hard to put into words how lomilomi in general is different from regular massage. For those of you who have had this experience, you understand what I am talking about. This is the same case; lomilomi ili' ili' is not the same as a regular hot stone massage but it is not possible to describe that difference using words. If you wish to know, you will have to have the experience.


Below is a message directly from Madame Pele.


I release and let go through the ashes I leave behind, through the lava and the magma. Earth and her people have so much to be grateful for but so much to release and let go of. Now is the time, let go of all that no longer serves you. Do not cling to a old outdated way that you know is lowering your vibration, cutting you off from yourself.


I can help you find the fire in your belly, to be courageous and brave and face all the things you are afraid to do, see or know.


I am made of fire, you are made of fire. We both hold the other elements as well. You can increase or decrease the power of certain elements you have within your life and your body through intention. Balance is about flowing with what is presented and being able to immediately adapt, evolve, shift and change as life changes around you. You do this by increasing and decreasing certain elements within your being. Sometimes you need to be solid, sturdy and strong like a mountain; earth. But sometimes you must be light and allow the winds of change to rapidly lift you up and move to you a different location. Sometimes the fear is too much and you need the transformative healing power of fire to either slowly or quickly burn through the fear that has become too solid, stopping you from being light and fluid.


Fire is used to break down and digest everything from your food to information. Everything you bring into your experience has to be broken down by your fire element in order for you to digest and absorb it, integrate it. I know this is a problem on some level for all of you. All of your blocks have to do with not enough fire at the right time in the right place.


If you can not break down and absorb what comes to you, you can not move forward or understand your life and parts of you begin to starve to death and die as you have not given these parts the nutrients they need, the building blocks, in order to survive and thrive.

Hawaiian Lomilomi ili' ili' is an ancient healing traditional connected to my current of transformation. This is my gift to you now, the space I will hold for you so you can add the fire of healing and transformation into the areas that are blocked and stuck, that you can not digest because you are afraid. Together we will burn through that fear so that you can absorb the abundance of the universe.


Everything that you need is always coming to you. It is your inability to accept, hold and receive this abundance because of your fear of embracing the wrong thing, that it will hurt you. I will guide you and hold you in my loving embrace and together we will fearlessly transform all that you need to let go of.


Mahalo and Aloha



Quote from "Pele's Wish" by Sondra Ray


"Madame Pele's wish is that we would all be in service to life.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would remember who we really are.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would each become emissaries of pure love.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would enter the state where miracles occur easily and effortlessly and are a part of our everyday reality.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would achieve self-mastery.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would see life as a passage of initiation and treat it with supreme reverence.

Madame Pele's wish is that we would be open ourselves to our wisdom and support spiritual evolution and beauty on this planet.

Madame Pele's wish is that we allow the Divine Mother to express through us so that we may uplift life."

August 2017

Posted by healingessentials on August 7, 2017 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)
Channelling from the Crystal Consciousness for August 2017 Hello our dear brothers and sisters of the Earth Realm, We are here today to share some knowledge of which we dearly hope you will apply to your lives and therefore making it your own wisdom through your experience. We are the consciousness, the light and voice, the awareness that works through the physical stones of rocks and crystals. Our entire purpose on Earth is to solidify the light in third dimensional reality. We fully represent enlightened consciousness in physical form; how you can be fully awakening in love consciousness but still maintain a physical form. It is through this embodiment that we are here to assist earth and humanity as you make this huge transformational shift from individual sleep to individual consciousness and eventually all the way to universal consciousness. Now that you understand who we are, we will continue with our message for you all as you move into this month of August. This month is a gigantic step in your collective consciousness awakening. You have so many powerful celestial events occurring in such a short period of time there is no way you're lethargic sleep can remain. We could list through one by one each celestial event but we are not going to, this information is out on the internet from various sources. We are more concerned with humanity making the most of this potent energy; instead of allowing this energy to carry you away, like getting swept up in flood waters, we wish for you to surf these energies fully awake, fully aware of where the energy is taking you and with joy and love fully embracing this awakening. In short the month of August will bring celestial energy from the heart of the divine mother, it is coming crashing into your lives and there is no area of your lives that will remain untouched by the divine love of the mother. Any mother wants the very best for her child, can see her child�??s full divine potential and will be very protective of her child if others are treating her child without the respect that child deserves. This healing divine feminine energy is coming to earth to heal all that is broken at the level of heart and soul. This energy will bring to your awareness all that is broken and all that needs healing. This is a month of powerful intense healing. We wish to help you receive this healing energy with open and grateful arms. We are not going to recommend specific crystals or stones to work with as each person has such a unique path and experience. We do however wish to draw your awareness to the power and amazing divine healing potential available to you all if you choose to work with us over the next month to fully heal and integrate these energies. If you have physical crystals and have been drawn to our family use what you have, your crystals have found you over the years and are with you to help you through what is coming. If you do not have any or many crystals, you may just ask for us to connect with you energetically. You do not need to have actual physical stones in order to work with us. Just meditate with us the crystal consciousness every day asking that you receive the specific crystal healing frequencies that will benefit you the most for the particular day. Realizing that you are going to be covering so much healing ground over the next month that what you require will change from day to day and even hour to hour depending on your path. We are the crystal angels, if you are familiar with working with angels, working with us is not that much different. Ask for our help and we will be there to help you with exactly what you need, even if you do not have the words to even know what to ask for help with. Know that we are with you, ask for our help and we will be there. Blessings to all.

Auset - Summer Solstice 2017

Posted by healingessentials on June 21, 2017 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Auset (Isis) – Mother to the Earth

Summer Solstice 2017

My blessed children of the Earth. I am the holder of the sacred teachings of divine magic. It has always been my job and frequency to hold sacred knowledge as the divine mother/teacher/record keeper for the children of the earth.

You are all now shedding so much karma, not just your own personal karma that you have chosen to improve and grow your soul, but also the collect karma that belongs to humanity. What was done to disempower humanity is now being healed and reclaimed. As humanity has just entered into a huge, brand new pattern of energy, whose purpose is to shed and clear karma (patterns of stuck repetitive energy), it is my new job or assignment to help humanity achieve this great work.

Please call upon me for help supporting you through this adjustment to these new intense clearing energies, surrender to where these energies wish to take you. Please do not think that something is wrong or that you are not on the right path. All of the obstacles that will be coming up for you at this time will be one of two things, either your personal karma, this includes not only Soul/spiritual lineage but also genetic family patterns you have agreed to take on, and also the planetary and collective karma of humanity.

Call on me by repeating my name either out loud or silently in your head like a mantra. The frequency and vibration of my name will align you with my healing and supportive energy. Most of humanity is familiar with how the Romans called me; Isis but my true name is Auset. Repeating my true name will enable you to heal and clear on a much deeper level, my name as vibration connects you with the true nature of my being rather than a misunderstanding of who the Romans thought I was and what I represented to my people, the people of Egypt.

Who I really am is the energy of healing, of life; death and rebirth. My energy enables resurrection to happen and it is resurrection that is needed for humanity at this time.

During the fall of humanity your DNA was disconnected to the extent that you were only barely able to function. It is imperative to heal and reconnect all of the potential of your DNA in order to truly return home to your full Soul complement but to fully heal and shed the karma of the past. The following will help you heal your DNA.

I will leave you with this prayer of healing as you all fully move into this new pattern of karmic healing and resurrection, beginning today on this summer solstice 2017 and will fully be a new beginning with your dark moon on Friday.

Prayer request for karmic healing from Auset.

“Auset, Auset, Auset, Please be with me now.” Wait until you feel that energy within you and around you change. You may repeat this as many times as you wish until you feel truly connected to my energy.

Karmic Healing through the chakras. All of your life and therefore karma is held in your chakras, your energy field and energy bodies.

“Auset, Auset, Auset, please clear, heal, balance, align and release all karmic patterns, chains, debts, vows and contracts held in my root chakra”

Repeat this request for the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. Then wait for things to settle. Then repeat for the following hara line of chakras that exist on your emotional body. All of these chakras are awakening now and hold everything you need to fully live your soul purpose and reason for incarnating at this time. Transpersonal point, vision chakras, bindu chakra, causal body chakra, thymus chakra, diaphragm chakra, navel, perineum, movement, grounding and earth star chakras.

Again wait until this energy is complete. Then request this for your energy bodies; physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and arcline.

To complete this karmic healing process ask the following:

“Auset, Auset, Auset, please fill all my chakras, energy bodies and cells with your divine healing light. Please help me heal and integrate all soul fragments and lost soul parts associated with my karma and past life trauma. Auset, Auset, Auset.”

Please know that I am always with you, supporting humanity through this rebirth and resurrection. This message is my solstice gift to humanity.

So many blessings to you all.


April and May 2017

Posted by healingessentials on April 4, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

April and May of 2017

In numerology this month (April) is a 4, combined with the year also a 5 energy. The 4 brings us gifts from the universe, combined with the energy of the 5 these gifts could present as blessings in disguise. The 5 energy always presents a challenge that we must overcome as well as great change.

The following month (May) is the energy of 5, combined with the year is also a 6. So more challenges and change mixed in with needing to face our fears and transmute those fears with love to bring about deep healing within us.

My guides were bringing to my attention a few days ago, the next two months. Because of the numerology of our year, we will have two months side by side bringing an energy of intense change and challenge. They were saying it was very important for people to be aware of this before it began so that they could surrender to this energy and make the most of it instead of rejecting and resisting these powerful energies of transformation. When we have huge change we might as well embrace it and make it a transformation rather than arriving at the end of the road tired and beaten up by the journey.

How all this energy manifests for the individual is directed by each Higher Self and always is presented in the manner that best serves our highest spiritual growth and healing.

A few nights ago I dreamt of a huge gigantic dragonfly that was as large as I was and I spent the night with this dragonfly. I do not recall and was not able to bring the information from the dragonfly into this third dimension. Once I was awake I however paused to absorb the magnitude of the message of how big this dragonfly was. Dragonflies are messengers of transformation even greater than the messenger of the butterfly, particularly transformation of a spiritual nature. I also generally never share my dreams but was guided that it was important to share this particular visitation from the dragonfly.

The change that is coming for us, it is very important that we know it is coming before it gets here so that we can allow our personal journeys to unfold and flow with the gifts and challenges that our Higher Selves will bring to us for our highest good.

Card Reading - April

Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes

By Doreen Virtue

Three card Spread

1. Get some Rest

2. Decisions

3. Sobriety


The overall message from this card reading for April is; as these huge energies of change and transformation begin our physical bodies may show symptoms of fatigue. Whenever large spiritual energies are being downloaded it is very hard for our physical bodies to integrate and adapt. So, over the next two months but in April especially, rest as much as possible but listen to what your body needs above all else.

When new energies are being downloaded sometimes it is just energy but sometimes there are messages with those energies. When we are needing to make large changes in our lives it requires us to make the decision; to make those changes or to decide to not change anything, that is a decision as well. The more time you allow for resting, which is being open to receiving, you are then open to receiving guidance from your Angels and Higher Self to make those important decisions.


When large spiritual energies begin uprooting the parts of our lives that are stuck and no longer serve us, we sometimes become very aware of what is broken or no longer working but how to change it or what to do is sometimes frustrating or unclear. The more time you create to rest and be open and receptive, the more opportunity to receive the guidance and messages from spirit to help you make the important decisions necessary to create spiritual transformation in your life.

The third card is again guidance as to how to be as open and receptive as possible so that you receive the guidance you need to easily and effortlessly make the changes you need to make, at this point in your earth walk. The sobriety card is about letting go of behaviours, foods, substances or people that drain you of your health and vitality making you cloudy and disconnected from your Angels, guides and Higher Self. This card may also be indicating the changes you need to make on a permanent basis to help you align with different people or situations that help you connect with your true divine nature and reason for incarnating into this lifetime.

In summary during the month of April, really listen to the needs of all your bodies, not just your physical body. Eat the foods you know your body wants and needs, let go of the foods you know do not help. Rest when you are tired, don't just push through and drink coffee. Create time to rest and receive and connect to your Higher Self and all the amazing spiritual support that is around you always. Even though it may be challenging if you create the time and ask for guidance you are not alone and support will be given.

Card Reading - May

Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes

By Doreen Virtue

Three card Spread

1.Religion and Spirituality

2. Forgiveness

3. Moving


With the moving card coming up for May, the change and transformation in April will be internal for the most part and external in May. The moving card indicates big changes sometimes in place of employment, home, but also change in external relationships, letting go of all that no longer serves you. It is good to surrender to these changes as sometimes if we don't make the decision to change, the universe will make the changes for you. Sometimes however our Higher Self make the changes for us regardless as there may be no other way to learn the Soul’s lessons.

The energies of April will deepen in May specifically focused on our spiritual healing and growth. What this means in clear English is any activity, relationship, job, habit, hobby, lifestyle, all aspects of life; if any of these block or obstruct the level of true expression of your divine nature for where you are on your spiritual path, changes need to be made.

It is not possible to clear everything all at once. We have decided at a Soul level prior to this incarnation how many steps we will take on our spiritual path. It is at times like the next two months that your Soul will have planned one or many steps to take on your spiritual healing and growth, how much more awareness of who you really are and why you are here.

One of the most common and largest blocks we all have on our healing journey is a lack of forgiveness for self and others. Things we have done or not done because we were stuck in fear and lack. Qualities or actions that we have judged and rejected in others.

All of our spiritual healing and growth can also be summarized as letting go of rejection and judgement, letting go of lack and scarcity, letting go of fear and moving into acceptance, love and surrender to the divine will of our Soul and our Soul’s plan and will. We really only ever have two choices; love or fear, acceptance and surrender or unforgiveness and rejection.

Angels to Call on for support in April and May

Angel Tual - for patience, calmness, security

Archangel Haniel - love and joy in relationships, boundaries in relationship

Angel Aratron - Angel of nature’s magic, inner calm and peace

Archangel Ariel - connect to nature and the earth and all your earthly needs, grounding, connection to faeries

Angel Vasariah - financial issues

Angels of Unconditional Love

To invoke or call on any of these Angels just repeat their name three times either out loud or silently in your head. Then ask for what you need help with. Then surrender the problem to them and listen to see if there are any ideas that pop into your head or if you get a feeling of something you need to do. This is an act of surrender. Allowing the divine to bring you what you need, you don’t need to control how you receive what you need.

2017 Overview... sneak peak for January

Posted by healingessentials on December 17, 2016 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (1)

The Masters, Teacher and Loved Ones of the Akashic Record for:

2017 Overview


This is a time of new beginnings; new opportunities for spiritual evolution and growth. Humanity has the opportunity to open new doors, to expanded awareness of the nature of humanity and what each individual is truly capable of; humanity's greatness. The power of compassion that lies dormant in most humans will awaken in the hearts of many. And those whose hearts are already open will deepen this connection to their true selves and through this understanding of each individual's true being, be able to understand and have compassion for the suffering of all.


We know that the past four years have been very trying for most people. Humanity has been healing and changing deep into the core of the collective consciousness; the spiritual DNA of humanity had to be awakened and anything that did not align with this divine blueprint for the unfold of the divine plan, had to be cleared and released. Sometimes the process of letting these old patterns go was painful. Know that your Soul knew the best way to manifest this healing for you so that you could let go of all that needed to be released and was overseeing and supporting you no matter how these healings manifested in your day to day life.


This process of activation of the spiritual DNA is now complete for most and the time of unfoldment is here and is now beginning. This is the new beginning, humanity beginning its baby steps forward into living a new way on earth; in relationship to the earth and in relation to each other and all that has consciousness.


Everything that is on the earth has a consciousness and a purpose; from trees to rocks, plants and animals. Every stick and grain of sand holds a map and a blueprint of the divine and is an expression of the divine. Through connecting to the divine within, humanity has access and can now fully communicate with all consciousness on earth. This is a completely new paradigm on the planet.


We do wish to speak to you in terms that are not too vague, we wish to speak to you in a way that can relate to your day to day life but it is necessary for your mental body to understand the foundation and purpose or reason why things are unfolding as they are. This is why we begin with this overview of the coming year. This is the large umbrella that showers it's energy over earth.


The past four years were the groundwork and foundation. The past year in particular ensured that if you are a lightworker, you have been placed and positioned where you are as a beacon of light on the earth’s grid anchoring these new energies and instruction onto the planet. You are in the right place at the right time, there are no mistakes.


As an overview we do not wish to get ahead of ourselves only want to present here a basic understanding of what to expect in the coming 12 months. The general energy of 2017 is the energy of the heart and that of compassion in action; karuna. Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning the action of compassion. 2017 is about actions of compassion. Not thoughts or wishes of compassion or feelings of empathy or sympathy for the suffering of others. Gone in that energy of feeling hopeless and helpless and powerless to bring change and bring healing compassion to those in need.


All of humanity is being called this year to walk compassion, to be compassion and to not think and get stuck in their heads but act and bring compassion to your neighbour and the person next to you. You do not need to search for those who really need your compassion. The need is great in all humans all the time; for people to treat each other with compassion at all times. We know that this seems to be a tall order but this is the call of the new beginning, this is how it begins. This is how you create heaven on earth, this is your Ascension.


The waiting is over, it is through every thought and action that you bring compassion to all you deal with. This includes the earth, the planet, trees, animals and humans you come in contact with.


January 2017


The year starts off with a bang. This is not a year where you need to wait many months into the year to get a sense of what is to come. The year begins with a big surge of energy coming from the Pleiades. This infusion of energy brings a deeper awakening of the heart. Remember that although we are all here for a collective purpose, each individual will awaken at their own pace. A pace that serves their highest and greatest good. Know that your higher self is in full control of how this awakening manifests in your life and how quickly and how deeply this awakening occurs. This will always serve your highest and greatest good.


In January it is very important to remember to trust in the process and know that your best interest is always being looked out for. Your Higher Self is your divine self and the divine does not make mistakes. All is unfolding exactly as is should. Trust in the process of your awakening and your spiritual growth and healing.

More on this to come soon.......

August 2016

Posted by healingessentials on August 4, 2016 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

August 2016


Okay everyone, here we are August already. The new moon has just completed itself, enjoy the next two weeks, try and rest, staying close to home, stay focused on your dreams and your goals and most importantly stay positive. Remember that everything that comes to us is a gift. Everything is in your life for a reason. Bad things are not happening because you thought wrong; your Soul is helping you learn a lesson that you could not learn any other way. Surrender and relax into the wisdom of your Soul. Be kind and loving towards yourself with loving self care.


August 18 Is a lunar eclipse, the first of three eclipses. The second is September 1st; a solar eclipse and the third is September 16th; another lunar eclipse.


Eclipse energy brings big change. The change isn’t good or bad it is just shifting us so that we are better aligned with our purpose and with our Soul energy. How difficult this shift is for us will depend on many different factors. The biggest thing to remember is that when it feels as though we do not have control over events or situations we always have a choice and a decision with how we handle what comes our way. We can choose to move into fear or we can choose to come from our heart.


Coming from our heart does not necessarily mean we do not get angry or upset. If we get angry or upset this is our body giving us valuable information and messages that we have given our power away, there is a reason to be upset or angry. Then you have a choice as to where you want your actions to come from; love or fear. Fear based actions are focused on lack and poverty consciousness. Heart/love based actions see and take into account your highest good and the highest good for everyone involved, even if that means that others may be angry with you because you said no and choose not to feed into their fear based belief systems.


Heart centered living does not necessarily mean that all is sunny and bright, but it does mean that you are living in alignment and integrity with your Soul. Overall this will feel better.


Over the next month use your spiritual tools; whatever they may be to help you surrender to the divine light that is your Soul to have the courage and faith to know that you come first. That you deserve better than fear based living and poverty consciousness.


This whole year is a big shift for humanity, this is the turning point. We all have a choice about how we are going to move forward into the future. The future we are creating with our choices and decisions to either align with our Soul of with our fears.


Sending you all so much love.


There is a short video up on the website and on the YouTube channel of a reiki blast; an example of Lavender Flame Reiki. Feel free to use this video to uplift your energy whenever you need a little boost. I will be posting up some more videos with examples of Violet Flame Reiki and the New Angel Reiki.


Sat Nam


Akashic Record Reading for June 2016

Posted by healingessentials on June 6, 2016 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (2)
Akashic Records Reading for June 2016 - Facing your Fears The month of June will bring our deepest fears to the surface so that we can face them and heal these wounds. This is an opportunity to expand and grow into our true selves in a more compassionate and full experience. Our higher and true selves are not all powerful and without shadow. Our true and complete selves are composed of both light and dark. During this coming month we are all being called to fully accept and embrace our light as well as our shadow. Depending on the issue sometimes it is easier to accept our faults and sometimes it is easier to accept the things we are proud of ourselves for. The first part of June is going to bring up the shadow part of self. This does not mean a dark or negative part of self only an aspect of self that you do not normally like to accept or acknowledge; a part of self that is normally rejected. This could be with a light or shadow part. Some people find it very difficult to accept that they are powerful and beautiful, others find it difficult to acknowledge weakness of any kind. One we would perceive as our light, the other the dark or shadow. These energies coming during the first part of June are asking us to accept all parts of self, particularly the parts that we normally reject. The parts of self that we have left behind and abandoned. These energies are helping us to accept the beauty that is our light, the beauty that is our shadow, bringing both into our hearts of compassion and unconditional love. Take time throughout the month to step back and witness yourself and become aware of when you abandon yourself, where you reject parts of yourself and consciously begin to love and accept these parts of self. That is all that is required in order to heal the shadow parts of self; just love all parts of yourself. This is the gift of the month of June 2016. We are all coming home to ourselves through the experiences that our Soul�??s are bringing to us. To help us put ourselves and our needs first. We are all one, each person a hologram, all connected to the one. When you heal yourself, accept yourself, this is a healing not only for you but for everyone as we are all one and all connected. The greatest gift Spirit can give us is to help us fully accept ourselves with 100% unconditional love. When we do this for ourselves we heal each other, we heal the world as we are all connected and apart of the one. The gift you give yourself is a gift given to all. Blessed Be. June 25, 2016 I will be holding a one day workshop; Feeding your Demons; healing and facing your fears from 1-4pm Cost is $60. Space is limited so please register ASAP

June - Healing for the Earth

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June 2016 - Turning Point Hello Everyone, Well we made it through that lovely month of May. I have noted throughout my life that May, even though it is spring and can be very beautiful and is full of birthdays, is usually a very stressful and intense force during any year, some years more intense than others. When we look at the numerology of the month it is a 5 and 5's are all about change. Change can be smooth and subtle or it can be very obvious and explosive. I'm sure we have all experienced both kinds of change. The changes that we want to make in our lives, to make our lives happier, easier and better, sometimes seem so difficult to make. The change that sometimes feels like it is not within our control at all; both can be a challenge. When I woke up this morning I felt relief and then I remembered it wasn't May anymore. I smiled remembering it was June 1st; thank goddess!!! Seriously, I would have to say that the past two May's (2015 and 2016) were very intense for myself personally. Coming out the other side of this necessary push from the universe, I know many people feel emotional and overwhelmed and frankly exhausted; like Spirit put us through the wringer washer. I am sure Spirit had our best interest at heart and it is all for the better and for our highest good and all that. The good news is we get a bit of a break after all that hard work. Last month there was a lot of intense energy coming in causing all of our lower energies to come to the surface, whether we thought we were ready to release that stuff or not. June 4th is the last new moon before the summer solstice. The healing energies for the solstice will begin on the 17th, this is when things will begin to get intense again. So until the 17th and during this coming new moon please make the most of the energy that is coming in now. These energies are to help you heal and integrate all the intense change that was last month. The summer solstice is on June 20th along with the full moon. The exact time of the solstice is 4:34pm Calgary time. I have been sending healing energy through the earth grid during the summer and winter solstice of 2015. My spiritual guides and teachers are asking me to share this with everyone asking that anyone who is guided to send healing for the earth and humanity through the earth grid on the summer solstice and particularly at the exact time of the solstice, with the intention of awakening the earth grid and awakening the temple of the moon in mexico. This is a healing that the earth and mostly humanity needs very desperately right now. The temple of the moon was opened briefly and only temporarily by an amazing woman named Regina, in the 1960's. This is what caused the movement of the 60's. Many people were focused on awakening and enlightenment and most importantly focused on non-violence and unconditional love. I feel Regina is here with me now as I am typing this message and request to anyone who is supposed to read this. Regina began awakening the lay lines of the earth by walking them and playing tibetan bells. She began a movement and her followers, called Regino's, walked with her, all of them dressed in white. The ancient temples were built on portals or intersections where lay lines came together and there was access to great spiritual power. Each intersection has a unique and different energy and purpose. The temple of the moon in mexico, is a direct connection to the heart of the divine feminine. This energy center allows us, when we connect to it, to open and awaken our higher heart, our true original, unique soul/self and an understanding on a profound level of the interconnectedness of all things. All of our relations. Great light and healing will begin to reach earth on the 17th, it will reach its peak at 4:34pm Calgary time, on the 20th of June and will subside on the 23rd of June. Please join me and invite anyone you think would be interested, in anchoring this healing light into the grid of the earth, sending it through the grid, through the lines of the earth to the temple of the moon in mexico. You do not need to know where it is or what it looks like, you do not need to have been there or to go there. All that is required is an open heart and the intention to anchor and send this healing light to help awaken the temple of the moon so that the heart of the divine feminine can awaken the heart's of the beings on this planet, so that humanity can all come together for the healing of humanity and the earth.

What's New and short reading for April

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April 2016


***What's New***


Shirodhara ½ Hour Session - $105

Shirodhara with Indian Head Massage - 1 Hour session - $160


Shirodhara is a healing experience from the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. Warmed sesame oil is poured on the third eye this deeply relaxes the nervous system, integrates brain function and creates brain wave coherence and an alpha state. Deeply healing for all energy bodies but particularly the mental body.


Indian Head Massage is also apart of the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. It is an energizing upper body treatment; massaging the head, neck and shoulders. This activates and stimulates the energy channels known as nadis and marma points that are similar to acupuncture points. It can help relieve tension headaches, sinus problems, eye strain and jaw problems.


Aromatherapy - Emotional Release - $80 ½ hour session


The Emotional Release aromatherapy process was developed by Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils. He also created the Raindrop technique of Raindrop therapy. So if you love essential oils and you have experienced raindrop therapy and like that experience, chances are you will love this process as well.


Emotional Release aromatherapy is not so much a massage experience like raindrop therapy, more of an energy healing through that use of powerful essential oil blends, with the intention and purpose being releasing emotional blocks held in the chakras and energy bodies.


Akashic Records Readings/Healings - $130


The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. This vibrational body of consciousness exists everywhere in its entirety and is completely available at all times and in all places. It contains everything from the past and all future possibilities.


When we open the records of the individual we are able to get the answers to any question as well as receive healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level for any problem or situation.


***Sale for April***


Lomilomi 1 Hour basic bodywork - $130 (Regular Price - $160)


Cupping with Raindrop Therapy - $130 (regular price - $160)


Readings for April 2016


Akashic Record Reading for April - Making the outer match the inner


Angel Answers Card Reading

I pulled three cards asking for guidance for the month of April. The cards were; Forgiveness, Compromise and Big Happy Changes.


The Angels are saying that the healing and clearing that we have been experiencing through the month of March will continue, but not at such a deep and intense level, thank goodness. However we still have a lot of clearing, healing and integration work to do because of the energies in March.


April however is a bit a of break with a focus on relationships and our role within all our relationships; what we bring to the relationship and the karmic part that we play will be highlighted this coming month. So lots of lightbulb moments; aha! I get it! Once we have that clarity we can make a decision and consciousness choice about how to move forward.


The Angels are highlighting forgiveness of self and others, stepping back and seeing the purpose in all the struggle; how it helped you learn and grow and you can let the struggle go now. New beginnings and happy changes as we make different choices with new clarity and understanding ourselves within situations and relationships.


The compromise card is about shedding the act of putting yourself last with other’s needs coming before your own. Big Happy Changes of not doing that anymore! Choosing that you come first and then knowing and understanding that without compromising the self you have more to share and more to give others.

Feb 2016

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February 2016


This coming month is a huge open doorway for big spiritual growth. The numerology for the month plus the year is an 11 (2+2+0+1+6=11). Whenever we have 11’s we have spiritual doorways. 11 or repeating 1’s are new beginnings, ideas, creative inspiration, fertility and growth.


The vibration and frequency of the number 2, which is the month by itself, is about love; sometimes romantic love but even that journey has to begin with the self. The 2 is the frequency of partnership, people coming together to work together on numerous levels. February is also the month of the heart and Valentines day. The Chinese new year also begins on the 8th; the fire monkey, now doesn’t that sound like fun!


During this coming month we continue to let go and find closure in all areas of our lives and on a much deeper level; all that lovely stuff that no longer serves us and is keeping us from connecting to our Soul and Soul purpose.


The latin word that February is derived from means purification, so keep reminding yourselves to let go and flow with the energy of this year knowing that it serves your highest and greatest good. The more we are able to clear and let go, the more light and the more our Higher Self can be in our physical bodies. This will bring about a much deeper feeling of peace, calm and ultimately bliss.


Some things that I highly recommend to help you through this powerful doorway that is the month of February are; kundalini yoga (a home meditative practice), anglic healing, reiki (especially karuna reiki), sleep and lots of fresh fruits and vegtables, drink lots of water. Any creative expression; music, singing, dancing, painting, coloring, crafts, art therapy.


Stone of the Month - Amethyst

For purification and connecting with the Violet Ray and the Violet Flame of purification. Carry a piece in your pocket, put one under your pillow at night.


Angels to call on this month for help


Archangel Gabriel - for the new and full moons helps bring healing and balance during those powerful days


Cambiel - empathy, intuition and integrity


Archangel Uriel - transformation, cleansing, purifying and creativity


Pagiel - Angel of your heart’s desire