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The Angels of the Chakras

The course is comprised of a lecture (MP3) with me as I would do if you were working with me one on one or in a workshop setting, 8 core or major attunements and 3 minor attunements. These attunements connect you to 18 different groups of Angels that wish to partner with you in co-creating harmony and balance in your life.

Your life is in your chakras, meaning that all areas of your life and all challenges and blocks can be found in your chakras. 

We begin to create a stable healing foundation for our spiritual and healing journey by working with Angels. The Angels are bridges from our physical experience to Source. They help us access our truth through awakening our intuition in a safe yet powerful way. 

We have so much spiritual guidance and support but we also have free will. We need to ask for the help we need rather than thinking that we have to figure out everything on our own. The Angels will help infuse joy into healing old traumas and hold us up in a partnership of spiritual growth and healing.

What is included and How it all works

This course includes PDF notes on the chakras and an outline of what is included in the MP3’s. 12 mp3‘s will be accessible for download. These MP3’s are the main lecture and the attunements to the 18 different groups of Angels you will be meeting and developing relationships with. 

Attunements are umbrellas of unlimited potential energy. Each attunement umbrella hold a range of frequencies under a specific intention. The attunements themselves are a healing tool that can be used over and over again as you are guided. As you grow and heal spiritually you will be able to receive more from each attunement experience. 

Once you have completed these attunements and read and understand the information in the PDF you will be empowered with the tools you need to heal all areas of your life through your chakras with the Angels of the Chakras. 

If you have questions please email me. 

Cost for this course is $344