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Advanced Energy Protection Distance Learning Course

Techniques and Attunements to Heal arsend Maintain your Energetic Boundaries; with an Introduction to The Unicorns and Female Archangel Purity. 

Do you experience energetic or psychic attack? Do you feel exhausted regularly or after you hang around or talk to certain people? Do you have physical issues and aches and pains that do not have a physical explanation? 

It is possible that the answer to the questions above stem from intrusive thought forms. Inherited ancestral karma, past life karma, other dimensional and/or galactic attack create thought forms which I refer to as intrusive energies. Thoughts are things that can cause very real feeling pain and discomfort either physically, emotionally and/or mentally and disconnect us from our spiritual support. 

In my experience as an energy healer for over 25 years, every person that I have worked on has some kind of intrusive energies, even if it is as simple as energetic cords from loved ones. When these intrusive energies are cleared and removed the physical, emotional and/or mental discomfort and pain disappear. 

Rather than continuously clearing all these intrusive energies, we are being called to become aware and accountable for our subconscious or unconscious patterns and programs and consciously choose healing. In order to do this it is necessary to create a safe and protected space in order to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to face and heal the root cause of why the intrusive energies are there in the first place. 

In order to have the capacity to become conscious of your unconscious and subconscious patterns and programs and choose healing, you need to feel safe and supported. We feel supported when we are connected to our Spiritual guides and teachers and when we have strong energetic boundaries. 

Advanced Energy Protection is a course designed to help you create and maintain strong energetic boundaries. We live in a universe of opposites and as such we experience polarity in our day to day lives. Strong energetic boundaries help us keep all aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves healthy. 

It is normal to feel drained and depleted when stress is applied in multiple areas of our lives, if our energetic boundaries are weak or unclear. We have weak or unclear boundaries when we have unresolved issues that we do not have the capacity to deal with. If we had the capacity and it was easy, we would have already dealt with the issues. 

The purpose of this course is not to heal these unresolved issues, that will come later in other courses, but to help you adjust your energy and connect you with Angels and Guides that can support you in creating a container that is safe enough for you address these unresolved issues. 

This course is a stand alone distance learning course. There are no pre-requisites. 

The course contains audio recordings; a main lecture that covers what energy protection is and why it is important. This lecture also discusses the course outline and content. There is a PDF and three recordings that are energy exercises. 

There are four attunements; one connecting you to the Angels of Protection, another to The Female Archangel Purity and two other attunements introducing you to working with the Unicorns. 

Cost is $244